Interior Outfitting

Green Dragon offers a complete turn-key solution for all types of refits. With our skilled labor force, we can execute the following:

Accommodations Specialization​
– Lean refurbishment of Staterooms and Suites including wet units​
– New Stick-built Staterooms & Suites including demolition and modification of existing areas.

Lean modernization and refurbishment of:​
– Public areas​
– F&B ​
– Entertainment​
– Crew Area​
– Open Decks

Technical Services

IIn-house capabilities
– Welding & Steelworks
– Insulation
– Pipefitting

Partnership Capabilities
– Electrical
– Plumbing

Weight Savings & Furniture

We are deeply committed to achieving true sustainability in our practices, and as part of that commitment, we have implemented an in-house design approach that prioritizes lightweight solutions.