Green Dragon was born from the aspiration to challenge and change the entire industry.


Green Dragon employs a focused lightweight system: Simplifying Processes, Removing Waste to Achieve Value = Sustainability + Quality

Disruption of Industry Status Quo

We provoke our clients to question the norm; and together, we innovate and evolve.

Poor Planning

Budget Draining

Time Wasting

Lack of Cooperation

Wasteful Communication

Slow Innovation

Outdated Processes


Green Dragon Marine’s DNA is built on Lean methodology. We live and breathe Lean throughout our whole business model. We firmly believe that our future success is to optimise and empower our people, resources, effort, and energy to create the most value for our customers.

We are a true learning organisation; we strive to truly understand our partners.
Green Dragon Marine is built on providing business agility. Conditions and trends change, and it is our duty to understand what works and what doesn’t in order to quickly adapt to ensure the best value is always achieved.

We utilise lightweight leadership and management. We believe in empowering our people and giving them freedom, responsibility, and support.

Through the focus of sustainability, we constantly evaluate what affect our processes have on the environment and our people and aim to minimise our impact.